Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of the sheikdom of Yer Bouti include the Army, the Guards of the Bouti Homeland (GBH) and the Bouti Police Enforcement Units .

These forces total about XX,000 active personnel (not including the Bouti Police) All branches of the armed forces fall under the command of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Yer Bouti’s military is equipped with an eclectic mix of modern and older items from both East and West. Some relatively sophisticated U.S-made military equipment was delivered when YB was seen as a distant colony of Balzac. After the independence movement gained full control from Balzac, military hardware was obtained from any possible source. During this time YB was exposed to military and economic sanctions some of which are still in effect today.




  • Military Office of the Supreme Leader Sheik Yer Bouti.
    • General Staff of the Armed Forces
      • Guards of the Bouti Homeland (GBH)
        • Ground Force (GBH)
        • Basil Force
        • Crud Force
        • Aerospace Force
        • Marine (GBH)
      • Sheikdom of Yer Bouti Army
        • Ground Force
        • Air Defense
        • Air Force
        • Navy
      • Bouti Enforcement Force (Police)

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