The End of Yer Bouti.

Well the end of Yer Bouti as we know it!

Yes it is true, Yer Bouti will never be the same. Late yesterday the last flight took off from the old City Airport in downtown Yer Bouti City. The domestic Air Yer~Bouti flight to the Bognor region marks the end of the small, some say dangerous runway in the city center.

The earth movers quickly moved in and the area is now unrecognizable as it was. This is the most noticed change to the city since the green light was given for the YBC masterplan. All air travel as of today has been moved to the T4 airbase 10 km South of the city (Give me a couple of days and I’ll have something that will pass for the new air terminal, I hope).

The quickly growing city can now expand on the former airport area. Next stage will see the site of the old port close and become the heart of the new business district. Lots of big ambitions but can it really take shape in the current economic downturn?

Can the Sheik’s plan for a Yer Bouti 2.0 work and rise like a new Singapore or Gulf State?

Yer Bouti 1.0 is dead, long live Yer Bouti 2.0