Jan 2019

Well another year has gone by and little progress has been made on the tiny Nation of Yer Bouti. The normal lack of time and resources (ie spare cash) along with all the other distractions of life slowed the building of YB City to a crawl, especially over the last few Months.

I will endeavor to set aside more time this year and try to update this blog more often, even if it is just to say “nothing got done this week”. I am hoping that regular posting will somehow morph into more building. We shall see.

Imagi-nations on GHQ .

The holidays saw a major confrontation between several imagi-nations on the GHQ forum. Most set at sea between large modern carrier groups. The losses grew as the days when on. YB was not involved since it has never been much of a naval power and most of the action took place in the Indian Ocean far from our shores.

There was a land conflict between the Mahishmati/Eurasian Empire aolng th a shared border. The smaller Country of Mahishmati was aided by the Republic Of Dalmatiahttp://6mmrod.webstarts.com/index.html a modern Western power.

In an attempt to stem the loss of blood and pewter Yer Bouti offered to fly in peacekeeper if there was a ceasefire. This was agreed and a UIN Military Observer Group in Mahishmati and Eurasian (UiNMOGME) is on the way .