YB claims victory after CofC raid

So Calgary beat Nashville 5-2 last night in the Hockey. That means there was not a successful raid by Chris and his CofC to rescue left over diplomats. We are calling 4 downed drones and 1 damaged helicopter of the CofC and 2 radars damaged in Yer Bouti.

The CofC diplomatic staff remain safe in their compound, YB will not enter the area and respects the international norms of the property.
They are free to leave as soon as it is safe for them to do so, maybe with the help of a third party for oversight.

Some none diplomatic staff of the colonial rogue state have been detained regarding acts of sabotage, the independent YB courts will act on that matter. That means I will kick them out in due course.

With the chance of more monkey business coming from the CofC I have started to paint up some extra air defence equipment.

ZSU-57, ZSU-23-4, ZU-23-2, SAM-6 and TOR