CofC crisis grows

Today saw many protest around our region in what has become the brown trouser movement of unrest.

The CofC (Chris on the GHQ forum) has been methodically taking control of Countries to my North, East and now to the South.

In a so called simple act of joining his Commonwealth they become a “Dom” (ie Mali has become Malidom). The CofC capital is set in Monaco and it has considerable military backing.

Today after much mud and name slinging, crowds surrounded the CofC’s diplomatic buildings in YB City.

By the end of the day the Northern border was closed and a join venture on an offshore gas field had the taps turned off.

There can be no dealing with this new colonial power as far as I can see. Yer Bouti made the early decision to pull its staff from its missions in Monacodom and Moroccodom.

I was thinking of sending his staff back North across the land border on donkeys.

Chris is a good type so in PM’s on the GHQ forum we decided to let fate show the way.

CofC diplomatic mission in YB City remains surrounded by demonstrators.
From a high point of several thousand this afternoon it is now down to several hundred but they seem to be settling in for the night.
No one can enter or leave the compound. The police say they do not wish to heighten any tensions and will review the situation in the morning.
The outcome of tonight’s NHL game (Hockey Night in Canada: Nashville at Calgary 20.00 MST) will dictate how this unfolds.

I’m in Canada, Chris is in USA.

Calgary won 5-2 ha aha.