Sheik Yer Bouti opens space center.

Showing no signs of jet lag on his return from the G20, the most knowledgeable Sheik Yer Bouti opened the new Bouti space agency site on the coast of YB today.

After touring the center and offering his wisdom to the engineering, production, R&D department and cafeteria the Sheik viewed the launch. Along with many staff tears of joy are shed as the rocket cleared the tower and rolled down range.


The test was considered a complete success of this peaceful rocket system, safely hitting the target area 750Km away to the North West.

The locally designed and constructed space rocket was assembled without any outside help…..

On given the all clear family pets and members are released from safe keeping in a near by bunker.

This is seen as just the first baby steps in a quickly growing project that is now a matter of National pride, the Sheik himself is eager for the next great step forward.