Al Yer Zebra


The Bouti Broadcasting Company has changed it’s name to Al Yer Zebra, the downtown studios will be enlarged.

In a flurry of diplomatic action today Yer Bouti restored full ties with both the UK and the USA. Talks are still ongoing with Balzac but remain at an impasse. Yer Bouti seeks to improve contact with other Imagi-nations. Major issues remain with some of the Countries in our Region but the reopening of land borders seems to be helping all sides. The influence of the CofC (Commonwealth of Chrisdom) continues to spread to the East and South of us and is being monitored closely by the YB government.


It is understood that YB sovereign funds frozen in London and New York have now been released. Reports of several pending trade deals with EU member States seems to have been a driving factor. YB has sent government teams for talks with both Airbus and Boeing. The US clearing the way for aircraft sales for the first time in many years.

Trade and tourism have both seen good growth with the opening of the Northern border. Trans shipments through the Country North/South are booming.

It also seems that the reports of gas field deposits off the coast could be more positive than first imagined.


In other news, the YB Air Force announced with immediate effect that it was reducing it’s front line fighter jets from 6 different types to 2 as part of the new recommendations of the Defence review committee.

All Mig 19, 21, 23 and 29’s have ceased operations. Resources will be directed at the F5 and F4 fleet.
Also the helicopter wing will focus on the UH-1 and Chinooks, dropping the Mil-8.

This is seen as the first step in the move to a new 3rd generation of the YB Forces. A transformation to a totally modern networked military.

1st gen of the YBF was nothing more than AK’s and RPG’s with a few trucks/M113’s for transport.

With the pullout of the old colonial Balzac forces, YB found itself vulnerable and expanded its forces rapidly. This 2nd gen was a motley collection of what ever could be found from arms dealers to scrap yards. With no direct sales from the USA or Russia new equipment was hard to come by. Quantity over quality was the stop gap effect.

The latest defence review noted that with a population of about 3 million the small standing Army plus the 2 year national service pool is topped out. YB can no longer match tank for tank or soldier to soldier with any future regional foe. We will have to take the digital high ground.   

More changes are expected this week.