YB Army New units in the North.

I have been neglecting Yer Bouti for a little while, especially it’s run down military.

Some of its regional neighbors (on the GHQ forum) have been expanding their influence and just down right taking over control of large amounts of real estate.

While YB has no territorial ambitions it must ensure it safety. So it is time to go about setting up a more robust set of units to protect the Country.

I have a good amount of older Soviet/US equipment that just needs sorting out into some kind of coherent structure. It is a lot to paint up in one go, so I’ll take it one unit at a time.

First major Northern unit will be the 216th Independent Armoured Brigade.


As an Armoured Brigade the 216th is made up of……

2 tank battalions (T62), 1 mechanized infantry battalion (M113), 1 artillery battalion (M109), 1 air defence company (ZSU-57) and it will get more support/engineer etc when I can find them.

I’ll get this lot painted up as and when I can.

A second unit, the 116th Independent Mechanized Infantry Brigade will be next to fill out.

That will have 1 tank battalion and 2 mech inf battalions plus support.