Sheik Yer Bouti at the UINGA

In his address to the United Imagi-Nations, SYB announced the restoration of diplomatic links to its Northern neighbor Moroccodom.

The land border will open on the 1st Oct allowing free trade and transit of goods. People will still require a visa and long queues are to expected for sometime.

Priority will be given to divided families then logistics companies.  Plans are being made for the return of air links for both national carriers.

There was a brief meeting between SYB and the US president and it did seem to go well, it may be that POTUS did not know who the Sheik was! However it was agreed by both that a lot of US dollars should be spent on Yer Bouti.

SYB has said that YB city is open for business and investment. Clear open government and sovereign stability will benefit all Nations of the region.