Hotel upgrade starts

So I have started to build a hotel to represent the YB Olympic upgrade. First plan was to attempt a plastic model from thin sheets.

However I had some printed card on hand of a German type structure which seemed to work.

I wanted a light coloured building for this so I hacked around with what I had. It will get some kind of sign/billboard on the roof or side and maybe a covered cafe area street side.

At the rate Yer Bouti is getting visitors I may have to change the master plan to start off with the hi rise resort and hotel complex.


As for the basics for the poor residents of YB City, a water plant, a shanty town area and a few farm fields are under construction.

The water plant /reservoir was a bunker type building I had made sometime ago, it needs a loading area for the water truck.

The shanty town area is now fixed on a base and will now need some paint on each of the little shacks, huts, tents and containners etc (50+ on the base)

Then some ground cover, details and people even!

I’m still not 100% sure which colour the ground surface of the little country will be yet. The light tan of the board is just for planing, real colour may be a bit more sandy.

The original YB area was is very yellow sand in colour, this might be too bright.



I’ll use the farm fields to try out a few different colours I think.