Visitors to YB on the rise.

Well it looks like despite the total lack of amenities the number of visitors to Yer Bouti is much higher than Bouti Tourism was aware of!

The numbers blew past the 100 mark yesterday and continues to climb.

I really expected a couple of weeks grace here, who knew.

So true to my word the YB Olympic Hotel will receive a government upgrade (now I have to make a hotel).

I will try to make a modest 2-3 story building which will go in the old town area (about 2 sq ft) which still needs buildings anyway.

Hopefully this will suffice until the new master plan comes together. That plan includes a hi rise gem (Burj Al Kabab maybe) but that is a long way off.

So on behalf of Sheik Yer Bouti I would like to thank all of the many visitors to the Nation, conditions will improve and amenities will now have to be built.

Thanks for stopping by.