Citizens to come first!

These are some of the poor citizens of Yer Bouti!

As you can see they are all looking a bit gray and you would be too if you had to make do with their lifestyle.

6mm tall and not a lot to show for it.

In the past while the armed forces of YB received only modest funding, they got new vehicles, aircraft, manpower and still got a lick of paint,

So it has been decreed by the Sheik that the people of Yer Bouti will now be front and center going into the future.

The developments of the new Yer Bouti will be based around the needs of it’s citizens.

To get some colour in to them they must first receive the very basics of life .

Water, shelter and food.

Then we can build on this to add the niceties such as education, health, breweries (safety is insured by the Armed Forces).

The YB master plan will one day give them a large modern city with all the problems that go with that but for now we need the basics.

That will be this weekends project.