Air Yer~Bouti to take off!

The Yer Bouti government has completed the merger of the two former YB airlines in to the new Air Yer~Bouti brand.

A few aircraft have been flying under the new name for a few Months now.

A new Air Operating Certificate had been issued but the tangled mess of the two former companies had taken some time to clear up.

Bouti Oceanic Air Company had 727’s and a 747 grounded in Asia when a contract went bad and financial problems mounted at home (Local bank burned down following a major cash deposit).

It’s 727’s are still band from EU airspace following the “Party in the cockpit” at London Gatwick in 2012, the Guinness World recored however still stands.

Bouti Easy Airlines despite many sanctions has managed to keep flying locally and to a few select location in NW Africa.

It’s AN-24’s have been it’s saving grace and continue to fly and make money. A single AN-72 was used for a few years until it was written off in an incident at YBC international, failing to become airborne.

BEA also still owns a DC-10 but is has not flown this year.

The new airline is 100% government owned, all (most) lawsuits, liabilities, bribes and ransoms have now been settled.

It is believed the 727’s will start flying again on the routes to Mauritania and Mali later this Month, both pax and cargo.

Many problems remain to be overcome, new aircraft are required if it wishes to fly in to the EU again and the coming move to the new Yer Bouti International airport (under construction) will cause disruption (Nothing new in YB).

It is hoped that a new logo and colour scheme will be seen as the brand is rolled out over the coming Months.