YB News 5th Aug.


A request has been sent to the CofC in Monaco for the exchange of ambassadors. It is hoped that dialog can continues on the many differences that still remain.

Moroccodom (a member of the Commonwealth of Chrisdom) is the biggest sticking point since Yer Bouti still has not recognized their claim over the Western Sahara.

However visas have been requested from Moroccodom for two members from the Yer Bouti government to set up a YB Interest Section in the Swiss embassy in Rabat.

It is believed Rabat will do the same in the Swiss embassy in Yer Bouti City. This is seen as a first step in easing mistrust.

Several other Countries are to be contacted this week with regard to restoring normal diplomatic channels.



Sheik Yer Bouti has gifted the nation his new master plan for the rejuvenation of the Country. “I had a great vision for our nation” he said this morning,

completing the plan in record time and all on one sheet of paper.

(The Sheik’s visions are sometimes induced by Guinness!).

The bold multi year plan will see Yer Bouti transformed into a regional gateway and free port inspired by the likes of Singapore and Dubai.

The new free trade zone will be built just South of the city along with a new port area.

The main international airport will also relocate 20km to the SW to an existing military airfield that will be expanded with a new terminal and freight center.

The current Int’l airport is in the city center and can not expand or operate wide body aircraft safely.

Then in the most ambitious project ever undertaken in YB the old port area will be turned into a modern business hub to bring the city into a new era.

  The master plan.     The old port area.

Time, cost and who was going to build it have yet to be made clear but a large order for buckets and shovels has been placed.

(I came across the master plan for Djibouti city, inspired me to have a go)



With the Nations boarders now under control some of the reserve and militia units are being stood down.

At the same time the regular forces with start to slowly modernize their equipment.

This week saw the arrival of a Mil-8 helicopter for the YB Army along with six reconditioned M109 SPG being handed over.

Work will start on upgrading several anti tank systems this Month.